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An Innovative Substance Abuse Program

Drug abuse and the subsequent addiction can have a wide range of long-term and short-term effects on a user’s mental and physical health. The degree of these side effects depends on a variety of factors, including the amount of substance taken, the type of drug used, and the user’s overall health and history with addiction. Luckily you have found the right place to combat this disease. Read on to see what Cooper Recovery and our drug rehab center in Huntsville, Alabama have to offer.

The warning signs of drug addiction and alcoholism can range from a strong urge to consume drugs to failing to function in daily life. Our Huntsville addiction recovery facility plays a pivotal role in helping clients recover from substance abuse and achieve their goal of leading a healthy and productive life. This lifelong commitment can only be achieved through dedication and hard work. Our addiction treatment center in Huntsville is a leading rehabilitation center helping clients recover from consumption of alcohol and drugs.


About Our Treatment Center

The addiction recovery center in Huntsville offers a variety of valuable treatment services, which are tailored to suit the specific needs of each client. Our team helps clients achieve sustained sobriety while promoting accountability, consistency and responsibility. Cooper Recovery offers its clients the necessary tools and resources to help them get through the rehabilitation process. We are more than an addiction treatment facility, our drug rehab in Huntsville offer high quality care to clients to ensure continued family support through an aftercare program after leaving the drug rehab facility in Huntsville.


The addiction recovery program is administered through three stages. During detox, we offer a safe and comfortable environment to ensure successful recovery of clients and provide the assistance needed while you get rid of the toxins keeping you dependent. Then you will go through our therapy and counseling program that will help you get down to the root cause of your addiction. Finally, aftercare aims to help clients transition to their daily lives in a safe environment. The objective of this program is to help clients avoid relapses and continue with their journey to recovery.


Information We’ll Need

It is important to select a drug rehab facility whose addiction recovery programs meet all your needs. Registration at our Huntsville rehab center requires you to answer some questions and undergo tests and screening to determine the suitable treatment program. Information such as personal drug use history, severity of addiction, family history of addiction and financial status is useful to the substance abuse treatment facility at this stage. It is more effective to treat addiction at the earliest moment possible. Since mental health conditions are often linked to drug addiction, dual diagnosis treatment are administered to determine whether one has a psychiatric or psychological disorders.


Importance of Supervised Detox

The first step in Cooper Recovery drug rehab centers is to help a client go through detox. This phase involves the removal of all drugs and alcohol from the client’s body. The methods of detox vary according to the individual’s body and metabolism, period of drug usage, the type of drug and whether the client has used other drugs in the past. At this stage, a client will experience withdrawal symptoms. Since the process may be uncomfortable, it is prudent to only go through a supervised detox. After the detox phase, an individual moves on to the rehabilitation phase. This step involves individual therapy where clients interrogate themselves to see when the problem started. In our Huntsville drug detox clinic, individuals receive professional help to enable them to shift their time away from drugs to new hobbies and interests. This stage may involve family and group therapy.


The Aftercare Plan

Since recovery is a lifelong process, before leaving our Huntsville addiction treatment center, the client meets with counselors to create an aftercare plan. This may involve a follow-up program where a client goes to live in a sober living facility to receive support from the community of individuals on the same journey. Group meetings help a client to meet with other people who are on their recovery. Such meetings motivate you to continue with the treatment program. Family therapies enable the relatives of a client to understand their concerns and be in a position to help them recover from substance abuse.


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