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Addiction Recovery in a High Quality Facility

For those addicted to drugs or alcohol, one of the hardest hurdles to overcome is finally admitting that they need help from professionals. It is often said that admitting you need help is the first step. At our addiction treatment facility in Tempe, Arizona, we know how difficult it is to finally contact us and start the process of recovery. Cooper Recovery promises our clients that from the moment they enter our doors they will receive the highest quality of care from a dedicated and passionate staff.


Detoxification in a Safe Setting

The first step in the journey to a healthy life is to go through the process of detoxification. This can be an uncomfortable process and should not be attempted without supervision from knowledgeable professionals. At our Tempe rehab facility, we provide a full drug detox clinic designed to help our clients get through that the process of detoxification.


Our facility is designed to allow our clients to go through the detox process under fully supervised care. Our dedicated team will be with you or your loved one during every stage of the process. We provide everything that is needed to ensure detox is handled safely and professionally. Some of our proudest moments come when we see our clients come out on the other side of the detox process, ready to continue the recovery of wellness.


Fostering Long-Term Wellness

Our overarching mission is not to simply complete the detox process, but create a successful roadmap for long-term wellness. We utilize a large toolbox of methods and programs to help our clients on the road to recovery.


Each person has different needs and will face different hurdles. What is successful for one person may not be helpful for another. Our dedicated team understands that fact and spends a great deal of time tailoring a long-term recovery process that are customized to every client. People who choose Cooper Recovery as their addiction recovery center in Tempe will receive consistent one-on-one care with a variety of educated professionals.


Our addiction treatment center in Tempe prides itself on putting together these comprehensive strategies for our clients.


Rehabilitation as Part of a Community

One of the things our clients enjoy most when they come to our Tempe drug rehab facility is the sense of community they find. We pride ourselves on fostering a community environment where clients are encouraged to meet with others and our staff in a casual environment.


When people come to our Tempe substance abuse treatment facility, there is safety in knowing that everyone around you has likely had similar experiences. We encourage our clients to seek strength in others, share stories, and make bonds that will help the healing process.


We utilize many varying group-style activities in our Tempe addiction recovery program. These group activities often help clients open up and express themselves through their individual experiences.


Dual Diagnosis

Our addiction recovery facility in Tempe utilizes a dual diagnosis method to work with our clients. While the outside issue is the abuse of drugs, there are often underlying mental conditions that cause people turn to drugs in the first place and choose to stay on drugs at the risk of losing what they love.


Cooper Recovery has a highly talented team that focuses on approaching drug abuse from both the mental health aspect and enabling the recovery process.


A Network Dedicated to Rehabilitation

Our network of drug rehab centers can help you overcome this. Together, Cooper Recovery stands united to help those who enter our doors recover and go on to build a successful life. Call our addiction treatment clinic in Tempe, Arizona today to get started.


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