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Freedom from drug addiction can move your life forward in powerful ways. You will have good health, steady employment, stronger relationships and a life with purpose. The primary goal of Cooper Recovery drug rehab centers is to help people reclaim their lives. It takes courage to come out and seek the appropriate help for a drug use disorder. Overcoming an addiction is not an easy thing, and people go through big challenges while they are addicted. Our drug addiction treatment facility in Irvine, California is here to help you. Read ahead to see how.


When you come to our Irvine drug rehab facility, you will communicate with us about what you are experiencing. Also, family therapy is available to mend relationships and spread recovery awareness. At Cooper Recovery we employ professional and compassionate addiction counselors who are available throughout the day to help clients whenever they need assistance. Apart from that, we utilize the latest, evidence-based treatment approaches in our Irvine addiction recovery center and aftercare programs that give you the best chances of recovery. The substance abuse treatment facility in Irvine ensures that all the clients are facilitated by using the methods available.


In the Irvine addiction recovery facility, the client’s addiction is overcome by engaging in a supervised detox. Our drug detox clinic in Irvine makes sure the client goes through the withdrawals in a supervised setting. Furthermore, treatment is to help the client in a secure setting to moderate severe cases where clients will get assistance in the form of counseling. The detox at the addiction treatment facility in Irvine helps clients to overcome their addiction. However, finishing detox does mean you are out of the addiction’s cycle. The primary focus is on counseling and long-term healing.


People who have an addiction and an underlying mental disorder need dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Nearly half the people with a dependence on a drug are also going through a mental health issue that needs to be addressed before you can fully overcome this disease.


In the Irvine drug rehab facility, client safety is paramount. The client is encouraged to take an active role in their safety. As a customer, your involvement and knowledge about your health can go a long way in maintaining a safe environment. On the first day at the addiction treatment center in Irvine, you will get more information for safety. You will realize that there is more emphasis put on the security of the client.


One-on-one sessions with your counselor is vital to your healing process. Some people avoid bringing up uncomfortable topics because they don’t want to feel judged or embarrassed. Others are not entirely honest when speaking with the counselor. Without honesty, it is hard for you to acquire the essential help you desire. Therefore, it is important that you as a client provide every necessary detail.


At the Irvine addiction recovery facility, we believe that every individual has unique and specific needs. Each treatment is highly individualized for every step starting from admissions to individual and group therapies to dual diagnosis treatment and continuing through aftercare.


Don’t wait any longer. All you have to do to get started is pick up that phone and call us today. We will begin setting up your free consultation at our addiction recovery center in Irvine, California.

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